There are a number of benefits from obtaining the Risps ebook.

1. No one can guarantee to keep a website up and running indefinitely.
The ebook gives you a permanent record of the resource.

2. You may wish to access the resource when offline or when your network is down.

3. The website may be edited in such a way that your favourite resource disappears.

4. the whole ebook can be printed out in one go if needed.

You'll probably be able to find an early edition of the Risps ebook for free somewhere on the net.

The fourth edition of the Risps PDF Ebook (March 2017) can now
be purchased securely for 1 via the Payhip site.

This version is in full colour and comes with hyperlinks that aid in navigation.

You will be invited to pay either by Paypal or via a credit/debit card.

To visit the Risp ebook page on Payhip, click on this link.

A new collection of forty risps for the Further Maths A Level classroom (published Dec 2018) can be purchased at