Interest in risps has happily spawned pages, videos and links elsewhere on the Net.

The Association of Teachers of Mathematics has supported the risps project warmly.
Each issue of Mathematics Teaching currently carries a risp.
We have worked together to film some risp material which is available on Youtube.

What is a Risp? (video)

Risp 1 (html page)

Risp 1 (video)

Risp 7 (Introduction) (billed as Risp 38, which is a slip!) (video)

Risp 7 (Part 1) (video)

Risp 7 (Part 2) (video)

The Gatsby Foundation enabled risps to flourish in the first place.

The Gatsby Teacher Fellowship site on Risps (html page)

The National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics has supported the risp material too.

The Risp story in my words on the NCETM site (html page)

Another NCETM risps reference (html page)

And another... (html page)

The MEI conference in 2009 featured a risps workshop.

Workshop slides (slides)

Risps have also been published in Losanges, the journal of La Societe Belge des Professeurs de Mathematique.