This is not a collection of activities that relies heavily on cutting edge technology.
Many of these risps require nothing more than a pencil and paper and some thought.
However, there are others that do rely on graphing software,
whether on desktop computers, on laptops or on graphics calculators.
In particular, several risps make use of the constant controller/dynamic constant facility
that is becoming a standard part of most graphing packages.
This enables you to enter an equation where the coefficients are variables,
for example, and to vary these simply.
Your package also needs to be able to graph implicitly defined functions,
and to draw the gradient function of a curve.

Two of the more popular graphing packages for PCs are Autograph and Omnigraph:
click below if you are interested in learning more. Autograph offers a free 30-day trial.

On Macs, Gnuplot has been recommended to me. (It is free!)

If anyone knows of other helpful possibilities, please let me know.