With thanks to…

My most immediate debt of thanks is to Bernard Murphy, my main Gatsby Mentor for my Fellowship year,
who took the trouble to visit my classroom twice in that time.
Bernard also worked each risp thoroughly, giving valuable suggestions,
and he was always on hand with encouragement at every stage.

My further thanks goes to Susan Wall, my other Fellowship mentor,
who gave me especially good advice over using these risps with weaker students.

Lisa Berelian-Page, Sue Robinson and Charlie Stripp interviewed me right at the start of this project,
and I am grateful to them for their warm support throughout.

At Paston College, I am indebted to Rachel Bolton, my Head of Department for 2005-6:
the way that Rachel was so in tune with what I was trying to do made everything easy.

I am also immensely grateful to Alan Fry, who kindly prepared the original PDF ebook versions of these pages.

In 2010, the Times Educational Supplement commissioned a major revision of the site,
involving a move to pdfs for the Tasks and Teacher Notes.
This has been a notable improvement I hope, and I am grateful especially to Elli Karaolou at the TES for her help and advice.

I would also like to thank the many people who gave me more general feedback and encouragement:
in particular, my thanks goes to Alyssa Rowlandson, Andrew Blair, Bill Higginson, Claire King,
Colin Foster, Derek and Barbara Ball, Douglas Butler, Francis Chalmers, Hannah McWattie, Ian Short,
Jayne Stansfield, Jim Smith, Joan Ashley, Laurence Satow, Liz Beel, Lynn Wilson, Mark Cooker,
Mike Ollerton, Peter Brayne, Richard Peters, Sue Cubbon, Sue Pope, Trevor Hawkes and Ronnie George.

I have three final thank-yous to say:

Firstly, thank you to those teachers who made A Level mathematics come alive for me when I was at school, especially Steve Russ and Ray Payne.

Secondly, thank you to my students at Paston College, who worked hard on these risps in their initial and subsequent incarnations,
and who played a vital part in their refinement.

Thirdly, thank you to Maggie, my better half, for making these pages possible in lots of different ways -
I only hope I can support you half as well when it's your turn to write.

Jonny Griffiths, March 2017